Are you in the correct career?

One size does not fit all - see!

We are regularly asked about this. Here is a page composed from multiple sources. It may not be definitive but it is a pretty good guide whether you are a candidate or the boss.

HR professionals have told us that they do not like this page - sensible members of the cohort read on.

If we take Project Management, which is also on Condom Management™ The most suitable PM's are Director, Developer, Objective Thinker and Enhancer. Do not bother with Results, Promoter, Counselor, Specialist, Agent and Achiever who are unsuitable. Forget Investigator and Practitioner as they are followers. Inspirational, Persuader, Appraiser and Perfectionist may be okay but you would need to exercise care.

Another example is sales. Go for the Persuader and Promoter ahead of the Objective Thinker and Enhancer. But the Enhancer may need some experience before he becomes the Sales Manager when they will excel. Just ask Elizabeth Hunter™ as that is what actually happened to her.

Conducted and composed by Modern Elizabeth Hunter™ - Latest Update November 22, 2021


1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

Top Dogg Choice™: Management Consultant

Career Character™: The Director is logical, assertive, decisive and results-oriented. They are critical and tend to take charge, so they are natural born leaders. They make excellent executives and are diverse enough to be successful in a wide variety of industries.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Organization.
The Director can be surrounded by disaster and disorder and pull everything together in a practical, no-nonsense way. They can easily see a goal, hone in on important details and lead everyone in the most efficient direction. They are no-nonsense, practical and have strong leadership skills. They rank first if the 16 patterns in using cognitive coping resources. These leaders can keep a level head and maintain control even when the situation seems out of control. e.g. Michelle Obama.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Determined Aura Zone™. Skilled in management. The Director has a gift for breaking down large tasks into sequential steps so that they can lead others easily and effectively. They take charge with logistical implementation and focus on using each moment of time to its best advantage. They organize objects, materials and information so that everyone knows how to use them effectively. Their decisiveness, objectivity, together with a calm and competent manner instills confidence in the people around them. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Implementor Supervisor”.

What they Spot Zone™. They instantly see inefficiencies and incompetencies in their environment. But they do not just go around correcting every little thing that is wrong in the world. They prioritize what they will focus on in order from most important to least. They will focus on first-priority issues before trying to address second-priority problems. They like life to run like a well-oiled machine and they are skilled at resolving problems that are slowing things down or causing unneeded chaos.

Narration: This Dogg loves to make things more efficient, streamlined and effective in the long-term. In this career, they would be able to use their natural abilities to advise managers on how they can make their companies more profitable and how they can get rid of unnecessary costs. They would use their demonstrated gifts of organisation to sort through information and figure out how to improve situations, create new systems or procedures and develop smart solutions to company problems. This Dogg would also be able to interact with people – interviewing employees and giving managers the solutions they desperately crave. This job gives just enough variety and structure to avoid boredom. It also takes advantage of the natural skills for troubleshooting, evaluating and making effective systems and plans.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The Director would be well suited to an external contracted consultant role as they can be very hard to get along with because of how stubborn they can be. At the end of the term, they can bugger off, to everyone's comfort, but all the sound improvements stay with the organization which is what you have paid all the big Euros for. This also applies to many other fields because the Director is not permanently there, which is a relief based on my own observations!

Other fields: Real Estate Agent, Financial Counselor, Auditor, Judge, Mechanical Engineer.

As candidate: Look at moving around jobs as you escape the wrath of work colleagues.

As the boss: The Director will be a problem for you every day with their my way or the highway approach.

As the work colleague: The Director is not generally liked in the workplace.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Executive - They view playing golf to be job, someone has to do it, especially if it has to be done properly.

As you - what you will complain about: The Director tends to complain when their hard work is under-appreciated or they feel as if they have been taken for granted.


2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

Top Dogg Choice™: Chief Executive Officer

Career Character™: The Developer is organized, critical and logical. Organizers and planners, they are strong leaders and very career driven, so they thrive in the corporate world. They are exceptionally hard workers and do very well particularly in the following industries: legal, engineering, scientific, sports, and even the arts.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Efficiency.
The Developer is decisive, visionary and very determined. They know how to cast aside useless details or outer emotions and 'get the job done'. They know how to keep a level head when calamity strikes and move forward with precision, energy and intense strategic foresight. They make strong leaders who can rise to any challenge with confidence. e.g. Napoleon Bonaparte.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Determined Aura Zone™. Skilled in planning / mobilizing. The Developer leads by developing strategies and motivating people to accomplish what is needed to achieve far-reaching goals. They can break down large, complex programs into coordinated, smooth-running systems by placing people and resources in the right positions to get the job done. They are typically visionary and insightful, have a bully boy attitude, predicting roadblocks and circumventing them through quick, deliberate action. They feel a need to take charge of ineffective situations and improve them for the good of all. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Strategist Mobilizers”.

What they Spot Zone™. They use “if, then” logic to identify strategies and consequences faster than many other patterns. When they want something, they can quickly create and implement a list of steps to take to get it. It bothers them when people complain about not getting what they want when they can easily see the actions the other person needs to take to get that very thing. From guessing stock market trends to understanding what will make them happy at the end of their life, they have a big-picture vision and a strategic mindset that allows them to organize their life effectively.

Narration: This Dogg is naturally competitive and driven to be at the head of the pack. They enjoy strategising and networking with diverse groups of people. Their ability to make tough calls, take smart risks and foresee likely implications and possibilities makes them indispensable as a CEO. They have a gift for knowing which markets to enter or avoid, for developing a company vision and hiring and firing the appropriate people. They are not afraid to be innovative, but they are also good at creating contingency plans if a new idea or experiment fails. Their ability to work hard and meet challenges with resolve is admirable.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The CEO role is often filled by the Developer. However, they lack the combination of humility and fierce resolve making them ineligible to be considered Level 5 leaders. Often they have the attitude that 'the end justifies the means'.

Other fields: Lawyer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Real Estate Agent, Professor.

As candidate: Look at the ladder and how you can climb it by removing threats by promoting possible people to other areas who may be a threat to your position or pushing them sideways or marginalising them.

As the boss: The Developer often manages by fear and bullying.

As the work colleague: The Developer may be admired by followers, especially members of the High S quadrant. They have a monomaniac focus on tasks, achievements, promotions, money, success and exhibit the 'work hard play hard' mentality.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Bossman - They say "Do what I say or you will be replaced".

As you - what you will complain about: The Developer tends to complain when when people do not do what they asked to do.


3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

Top Dogg Choice™: Stockbroker

Career Character™: The Results is smart and energetic and they make great entrepreneurs. They are realistic, analytical and efficient. They have solid people skills, so they are awesome in sales and they are bestsuited for careers that do not require a lot of routine.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Agility.
The Results is known for their intense physical awareness, fast reflexes and keen problem-solving abilities. They not only have physical agility but mental agility; easily maneuvering through physical landmines while finding realistic, logical solutions to the problems at hand. If you are after someone who can think quickly on their feet during a crisis, the Results is who you should hire. e.g. George S. Patton.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Determined Aura Zone™. Skilled in execution. The Results has quick tactical responses to immediate crises and problems. They believe in motivating and actively pursuing goals so that they can be achieved quickly and without wasted effort. They are highly attentive and use all the resources in their environment to circumvent obstacles and get fast results. They are typically friendly and influential, leading by taking action and being an example. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Promoter Executor”.

What they Spot Zone™. They quickly spot immediate resources that can be used to solve a problem or amp up an experience. e.g. They can fight people by creatively using any object in their immediate vicinity (such as a car antenna or even a refrigerator door). Their ability to instantly spot how something can be used makes them a formidable physical opponent and also a skilled opportunist.

Narration: This Dogg likes a fast-paced, exciting job where there are big risks but also big rewards. As stockbrokers, they get the chance to stand on their own two your feet, compete against and defeat) their colleagues and adapt to a market that changes many time each day. While many other types find this job exhausting or overwhelming, this Dogg gets a thrill from the uncertainty that comes with it. They tend to like making fast, spur-of-the-moment decisions, learning more every day, and being in the midst of all the action and commotion that share trading entails.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The Results is well suited to a role that involves a bulldozing approach which they provide on a daily basis without the slightest care who is mown down.

Other fields: General Contractor, Firefighter, Fitness Instructor, Sales Manager, Paramedic.

As candidate: Avoid roles that require nitty-gritty analysis.

As the boss: The Results manages by barging through obstacles. They are excellent in a crisis.

As the work colleague: The Results will be the risk taker travelling at 160 kmh.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Consultant - They never do the work, they just connect the people who should do it together and then make shiploads of money.

As you - what you will complain about: The Results tends to complain when things get slow or theoretical.


4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

Top Dogg Choice™: Entrepreneur

Career Character™: the Inspirational tends to be energetic, analytical, enthusiastic and theoretical. They are adept at solving problems creatively. Because they work so well with others, they make great leaders. They thrive as executives and can function well in a variety of different fields including business, the arts and even sport and media.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Innovation.
The Inspirational is a creative visionary who trailblazes new pathways in invention, technology and science. They are curious, out-of-the-box thinkers who can navigate their way out of the most precarious situations with a blend of charm, intuition and logical thought. They can take an 'impossible' situation and find inventive, novel solutions that would never occur to others. e.g. Steve Wozniak.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Determined Aura Zone™. Skilled at innovating. The Inspirational is the only thinking type in te 'Engaging Aura Zone™', so their energy will be more direct and focused on logic over relationships. They discover new ways of seeing the world and enjoy creating outside-the-box strategies with others. They ask questions, challenge tradition and get people to open their minds to unconventional ways of thinking. They enjoy emerging interactions that evolve and transform and bring out new information and solutions. They love working on ideas with people, debating theories and getting everyone excited and motivated towards a future vision. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Explorer Inventor”.

What they Spot Zone™. They notice patterns and connections that seem random or odd to other patterns. They also notice how things are organized and categorized. For example, when they were young they probably looked in the mirror and tried to figure out why everything that was on your right was on the left-hand side in the mirror and vice versa. When they play a game, they notice the underlying structure of the game or the underlying framework of someone’s argument or position on a subject.

Narration: This Dogg is extremely likely to pursue entrepreneurial work and they earn more when self-employed than they do in a salaried role. Their desire for independence and flexibility makes the entrepreneurial world a perfect fit. They can innovate solutions, think about big-picture ideas, use their natural gifts for marketing and they approach tasks in a casual, unstructured way. Entrepreneurship puts them in the driver’s seat and it allows them to think without limits about what they can achieve.

E. Hunter™'s comments: There are plenty of examples where this type of entrepreneur adopts a Machiavellian approach and can be cunning, scheming and unscrupulous, especially in politics. They play to 0.000000001 microns from the rules.

Other fields: Marketing Manager, Stockbroker, Creative Director, Political Scientist, Lawyer.

As candidate: Seek companies who have entrepreneurial flair.

As the boss: The Inspirational will debate issues even if an issue does not exist.

As the work colleague: The Inspirational will often be admired if they assemble a good structure around them. They tend to know lots of people.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The one without a job - They get fired for abject negligence after being promoted in record time.

As you - what you will complain about: The Inspirational tends to complain when people do not understand their vision.


5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

Top Dogg Choice™: International Nonprofit Administrator

Career Character™: The persuader is passionate and charismatic. They are sociable, warm, empathetic and imaginative. Born leaders in some specific contexts. They have strong humanitarian values and do best in positions that allow them to help and support others. They are great communicators and enjoy working with people so they are great teachers and counselors but they also thrive in the arts.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Empathy.
The Persuader can instantly absorb the moods and emotions of people around them, feeling their pain and joy intensely. They know how to reach out to people and connect with them on an emotional level. They make people feel heard, cared for and understood. Their gift of empathy and insight makes them inspirational leaders in certain circumstances and powerful counselors. e.g. Oprah Winfrey.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Engaging Aura Zone™. Skilled in mentoring. The Persuader is highly motivated to lead people to their potential. They have insight into gifts and talents that other people do not see. As the only feeling pattern in the Determined Aura Zone™, they exude warmth and are driven to give people a meaningful vision of what to work towards. They know how to empathize and connect with others and their own authenticity inspires people to trust them and follow their lead. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Envisioner Mentor”.

What they Spot Zone™. They can quickly spot hidden potential in other people. They seem to know how to influence them and light the spark of that inspiration and turn it into a fire. On top of that, they also notice the cultural values and social expectations in a given sphere. For example, while some people go to a new country and need a lot of time to acclimate to the social customs, they rapidly assimilate the social customs and notice various rules, mannerisms and ways of speaking that other people are using. Being quick to notice social customs and manners helps them to blend in anywhere they go and respect the shared values of the people around them.

Narration: This Dogg is a master in the art of diplomacy. Their ability to organise systems so that they better meet people’s needs is nothing short of astounding as long as they do not have to do the nitty-gritty. They are not afraid of complex issues and they desperately want to bring improvement to the lives of suffering people. Being an administrator for an international nonprofit organisation, or similar, allows them to bring real solutions to issues such as disease, poverty, drought and famine. Their ability to quickly understand cultural differences and the unique emotional needs that face people from all walks of life makes them indispensable in this career field.

E. Hunter™'s comments: There are plenty of reasons to keep this type in the fields mentioned above although they can be very good at sales, with competent supervision.

Other fields: Psychotherapist, Teacher, Public Relations Specialist, Human Resources Manager Local Government Counselor.

As candidate: Seek companies who take care of the disadvantaged.

As the boss: The Persuader will be try to please everyone all of the time which is not the indicator of a great boss.

As the work colleague: The Persuader will interfere in the lives of all work colleagues if they are mistakenly given the opportunity. They have a monomaniac focus on tasks, achievements, promotions, money, success and exhibit the 'work hard play hard' mentality.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The one whose job is actually unknown or not publicised - No one quite knows what their job is or why they just appear every now and then, tell some people off and tell everyone else what to do and then just vanish.

As you - what you will complain about: The Persuader tends to complain when impersonal reasoning interferes with their ability to build quality relationships.


6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

Top Dogg Choice™: School Teacher

Career Character™: The Appraiser is sociable, caring and is very people-oriented. They are most successful in roles that enable them to serve others and fulfill their needs. Some areas include nurses, doctors, childcare workers and teachers, to name a few.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Planning.
The Appraiser knows how to organize, prepare and ensure that everyone is taken care of in a crisis. They are the ones who have anticipated what could go wrong and have a plan to make sure everything is handled with care and concern. When a crisis erupts, these are the ones comforting the downtrodden, fetching practical necessities and organizing a plan of action so that nobody’s needs go unnoticed. e.g. Andrew Carnegie.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Engaging Aura Zone™. Skilled at facilitating. The Appraiser is skilled at managing logistical details and ensuring everyone’s needs are met. They work to make projects manageable and easy for others to understand. They often take the role of mentor because of their patience, attention to detail and enthusiasm. They know how to bring a variety of people together to accomplish a goal and they are skilled at generating an atmosphere of comfort, well-being and security. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Facilitator Caretaker”.

What they Spot Zone™. They quickly spot the nuanced details of how people interact with each other. Because they are so attuned to interpersonal dynamics they notice when there are unsaid tensions between people, when there is chemistry or when certain people would get along if they were just introduced. Because of this skill, they have a knack for bringing people together, diffusing conflicts and seeing potential partnerships.

Narration: This Dogg believes in bettering their community and they know that cannot be done without investing in the younger generation. They have a gift for empathising with children, breaking down lessons into bite-sized steps and listening when they are feeling frustrated or overwhelmed. They are also good at organising a class, dealing with the logistics of field trips and making sure each child feels included and involved. It is no surprise that Appraisers are over-represented among school teachers.

E. Hunter™'s comments: If you are after a great teacher and a sports coach, recruit one of these Doggs. Also where they interact with customers. They are the most analytical of the High I quadrant.

Other fields: Sports Coach, Social Worker, Family Physician, Speech Pathologist, Pediatrician, HR Manager.

As candidate: Seek a teaching role or a customer liaison role.

As the boss: The Appraiser will be excellent in a teaching role but tends not to be so organised to excel in a business boss role, especially when detailed analysis is required.

As the work colleague: The Appraiser will be a very popular person.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Events co-ordinator - They know how to organise a party.

As you - what you will complain about: The Appraiser tends to complain when other people are not pleased with them.


7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

Top Dogg Choice™: Freelance Travel Writer

Career Character™: The Promoter is imaginative, creative, insightful and caring. They are very service-oriented and have great communication skills. They do best in careers where they are helping others and / or being creative. They can be great as counselors, fitness trainers and therapists, as well as artists, actors, dancers and musicians.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Imagination.
The Promoter is not afraid to think outside the box and find imaginative, creative solutions to the most complex dilemmas. They do this while inspiring and encouraging their friends to be optimistic and steadfast. They can motivate a team to stay strong and seek new avenues, adventures and innovative ideas. But with this they are terrible finishers. e.g. Dr. Seuss.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Engaging Aura Zone™. Skilled at envisioning and inspiring. The Promoter seems to know exactly what will motivate the people around them and how to propel them towards a goal. They connect with people in brilliant ways, often accurately perceiving their intentions and motivations. They tend to have a contagious enthusiasm and upbeat energy that gets people excited about the future. They enjoy brainstorming options, hypothesizing new scenarios and networking to get a variety of perspectives. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Discoverer Advocate”.

What they Spot Zone™. They easily spot patterns and connections that other people fail to notice. When they look around, there is a sense that everything is connected and part of a bigger picture. What does the tree have in common with the car on the side of the road? How is a fork like a piano? When they see a crowded room full of people they may instantly spot which people are uncomfortable, which ones are faking a connection and which ones secretly have crushes on each other.

Narration: This Dogg has a thirst for adventure, creativity and a curiosity for new cultures, travel writing is a career seemingly tailor-made for a Promoter. This job allows them to experiment with a variety of activities – from writing, to networking, to pitching to editors and to sightseeing. They will be able to satisfy their hunger for novelty as well as be inspired by new and interesting people and experiences.

E. Hunter™'s comments: In recruitment, one has to face the evidence that the Promoter has the characteristics of a totally disorganised person. If they had a good supervisor to press the deadlines, there is a great chance of building a winning team. Many fields suggested here also require a very short attention span. The Promoter is also a very difficult Dogg to manage.

Other fields: Entrepreneur, Performing Artist, Author, Psychologist, Teacher.

As candidate: Avoid taking jobs that require detail and follow up. Team up with someone to take care of mundane details.

As the boss: The Promoter will be a problem for their company every day with their micro attention span and a reputation for not finishing anything, chronic lateness or being the 'last minute merchant'.

As the work colleague: The Promoter will be liked in the workplace, mainly by others from another department. If toxic, they will be loathed universally. The typically safe, encouraging, fun-loving, caring Promoter can suddenly turn into the most self absorbed, impulsive, unthoughtful, unpredictable, and unreliable person.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Musician - They will not get a real job because they do not want to and jobs are no fun as you have to be accountable in a real job.

As you - what you will complain about: The Promoter tends to complain when anyone expects them to follow through on projects they have committed to as they will not accept being responsible at all times.


8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

Top Dogg Choice™: Performing Artist

Career Character™: The Counselor is energetic, caring, resourceful and adaptable. They are enthusiastic, hands-on and seek excitement, so they make fantastic performers. They thrive when helping others and working closely with people, so ideal career paths include hospitality, health care professionals and food service.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Optimism.
The Counselor is quick to find a bright side to any hazardous scenario. These energetic, enthusiastic folk have a strong determination and zest for life that can encourage and motivate those who are struggling or oppressed. They will not give up when times get hard and they will not wallow in pessimism and self-pity. While they may have moments of despair, they have an unquenchable curiosity and grit that will not only help them but their friends and work colleagues. e.g. Tony Robbins.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Engaging Aura Zone™. Skilled at motivating. The Counselor has gregarious, enthusiastic energy that draws people in and creates buzz and excitement. They show people new experiences and enjoyment and strive to make each moment count. They are often talented at teaching by example and using real-life demonstrations to instruct. They go to great lengths to inspire people to get what they want and to achieve more in a short amount of time. They are typically quick thinkers who react calmly in make-or-break situations. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Motivator Presenter”.

What they Spot Zone™. Can “read” people with amazing accuracy because they are literally a master of decoding body language and physical movements. They have such high-definition focus on the world around them that they will be the first to notice if someone’s lying, sucking up, manipulating or has ulterior motives. They notice changes in skin colour, breathing rate and even pupil dilations sometimes. Being so attentive and uncannily observant can make them quick to spot unsaid feelings in other people.

Narration: This Dogg reckons that if you are going to work over eight hours per day they want a job that lets them be right in the middle of the action. They want a profession where you can be creative, expressive and make an immediate impact with people. Variety, interaction and instant feedback help them feel energised and motivated. Bringing humour, beauty or emotional connection to their audience is something that they excel at which is why this Dogg is often found on the stage.

E. Hunter™'s comments: A performing career is the ideal fit for this Dogg.

Other fields: Pediatrician, Physical Therapist, Teacher, Landscape Architect.

As candidate: Seek jobs where you entertain others.

As the boss: The Counselor will have insurmountable issues as the boss.

As the work colleague: The Counselor will be the entertainer in the workplace. This will persist even if their job role is mismatched and they are ordered to do something that is unsuitable - e.g. build an Excel spreadsheet. The boss will wonder how the goldfish got in the mineral water fountain.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Reality TV star - A job, why? They want to be paid for being famous.

As you - what you will complain about: The Counselor tends to complain when people are not getting along.


9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

Top Dogg Choice™: Freelance Photographer

Career Character™: The Specialist is gentle, adaptable, observant and loyal. They are sympathetic and reflective and love to help others, so they are natural born teachers, nurses and coaches.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Passion.
The Specialist may seem sensitive and reserved on the outside but inside they have a fiery commitment to their ideals. If someone or something they believe in is threatened, they will fight with a passion and determination that is astounding. They are individualists, artists and practical dreamers whose passion guides them to be strong in some of the most harrowing circumstances. e.g. Bob Dylan.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Open Aura Zone™. Skilled in creation. The Specialist is introspective and creative. They want to integrate resources, information and materials into a composition that means something to them. They are creators of everything from music to food, stories to artwork and more. They need freedom and variety and aim to make an impact by integrating values and perspectives from a variety of different worlds. They have a colorful yet tranquil style. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Composer Producer”.

What they Spot Zone™. Can rapidly assimilate themselves into someone’s emotional experience, or “get into their shoes” and understand how they might be feeling. They also have a nuanced understanding of emotions, so they will be able to tell the difference between whether someone is “sad” or “disillusioned,” “happy” or “hopeful.” Emotions that other types see in general, blurry terms, are seen in high-definition detail.

Narration: This Dogg wants a job that is both creative and unstructured. They like working for themselves and they are especially drawn to aesthetics and finding beautiful symbols and details in everyday life. As a photographer, especially an editorial photographer, they get the chance to capture people from all walks of life and many varied cultures. They get to be there during pivotal moments in history and in the most beautiful natural surroundings. They are the kind of photographer who would care about capturing the pure emotions of their subject – their authenticity and originality. Each image would be unique and individual – not the same posed, stereotypical images often seen on a daily basis.

E. Hunter™'s comments: Avoid management roles, the corporate world or the public service at all costs.

Other fields: Fashion Designer, Artist, Musician, Emergency Room Physician, Animal Trainer.

As candidate: Seek jobs where you can use your creative flair.

As the boss: The Specialist should avoid being the boss at all costs.

As the work colleague: The Specialist will be unlikely to spend too much time with work colleagues. However, they are likely to be highly regarded if their work impresses others.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Snow boarding store shop assistant - They do this half the year until the mountains are white.

As you - what you will complain about: The Specialist tends to complain when they are asked to make decisions for other people.


10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

Top Dogg Choice™: Psychotherapist

Career Character™: The Investigator is sensitive, creative and intense. They thrive with language and symbols. They long for meaning in their careers and as they are very adept at reading people, they do best in the arts, medicine, education and science.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Vision.
The Investigator has an uncanny ability to take current events and foresee where they will lead. They can easily glimpse where people’s choices will take them and how they will affect everyone else in the picture. They have a deep understanding of human nature and use their vision and empathy to make the world a better place for future generations. e.g. Mahatma Gandhi.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Open Aura Zone™. Skilled in foresight. The Investigator has a gift for predicting and strategizing, foreseeing specific outcomes and how to attain them. They are typically the warmest of the Focussed Aura Zone™, focussing on developing and guiding individuals toward their potential. They help people stay on track by encouraging them, counseling them and seeing and promoting their strengths. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Foreseer Developer”.

What they Spot Zone™. Life to them is like a prism of light that is always changing and evolving. They see various contours and angles and how those angles completely alter the experience of each individual. When they experience something, they notice the core “why” at the foundation of the experience. Then they get into the various perspectives surrounding that experience. For example, if someone is telling them a story about their day, rather than focussing on the literal details of the story, they will be decoding why they are telling the story in the first place. Is it to impress someone? Distract from underlying pain? Use up time so that they do not have to think? They will also consider the various perspectives of the people around them and how each person will receive the story differently. Their ability to see all these different perspectives and underlying meanings can make them shockingly insightful.

Narration: This Dogg naturally picks up on the emotions and struggles of other people. They deeply desire to improve their lives in a therapeutic way, listening to their stories and finding creative solutions for their anxieties and concerns. Their insight into human nature and their ability to see underlying implications and meanings make you aware of many internalised battles that people are not even aware of themselves. With the proper training, they can be exceptionally gifted in this career field. This Dogg is over-represented as counselors and psychiatrists.

E. Hunter™'s comments: Be aware that the Inspirational can be very determined which could be used to great effect.

Other fields: Market Research Analyst, Writer, Social Worker.

As candidate: Seek jobs where interaction with people when in the role of expert is present. Be aware of the folly of confusing facts with opinions.

As the boss: The Investigator should never be under estimated for their relentless determination.

As the work colleague: The Investigator will be well regarded. But they can be very tactless. They have a monomaniac focus on tasks, achievements, promotions, money, success and exhibit the 'work hard play hard' mentality.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Counsellor - They work alone and are hard to find but they will find you when you need them most.

As you - what you will complain about: The Investigator tends to complain when there is any conflict that interferes with their artistic vision.


11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

Top Dogg Choice™: Creative Writer

Career Character™: The Agent is creative, empathic and inquisitive. They are natural helpers and are deeply caring. They tend to have excellent communication skills, so they make great writers. They thrive in other artistic positions as well such as musicians, graphic designers and in language arts.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Integrity.
The Agent is known for their strong moral compass and their authentic, compassionate nature. They will not stray into morally ambiguous waters and they will lead with honesty and kindness. They will work tirelessly in the defense of the downtrodden, the outcasts, or the beliefs they stand for. They are passionate, imaginative and true to their values and ideals. e.g. Hans Christian Andersen.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Open Aura Zone™. Skilled in clarifying values. The Agent takes individuals and organisations to the heart of who they are and what they stand for. They are often the moral backbone of an organisation or family, unifying and harmonizing divergent values and respecting individuality. They keep people focussed on what really matters in the long run. They are gifted at guiding others with gentle affirmation, imagination and encouragement. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Harmonizer Clarifier”.

What they Spot Zone™. Has a unique ability to assess the priorities and ethics of other people. They notice what is important to people, what they value and whether or not they are acting in a way that is in line with those values. Because of this, they have a skill at creating safe spaces for people to feel comfortable in their own skin. For example, they might notice that a friend of their has deeply-held religious beliefs that they rarely talk about. When someone else starts making fun of religion or putting it down in some way, they would be the person to pull their friend aside and get them to a place where they do not feel attacked or ridiculed. Other people might not have noticed that the friend was religious or feeling uncomfortable in the first place.

Narration: This Dogg naturally enjoys working creatively and autonomously. They have a rich and vivid imagination that is usually filled to the brim with stories and possibilities. Their empathy allows them to write fully-dimensional characters who are varied and intriguing. Alone in a quiet place with nothing but pen and paper they can bring their inner worlds to life in ways that are captivating to the soul and spirit.

E. Hunter™'s comments: Avoid a management role at all costs.

Other fields: Counselor, Veterinarian, Performing Artist, Musician, Occupational Therapist.

As candidate: Seek jobs where their imagination and creativity can flourish.

As the boss: The Agent should never, ever, be the boss.

As the work colleague: The Agent is likely to be seen as a citizen of La La Land.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Actor - They cannot be bothered to learn the lines, but still a natural away from reality.

As you - what you will complain about: The Agent tends to complain when anyone expects them to deal with the mundane details of life.


12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

Top Dogg Choice™: Detective

Career Character™: The Achiever is very hands-on and are analytical, practical and exacting. They are natural troubleshooters and problem-solvers, so they do very well in careers with computers, electronics and technology. They also thrive in the outdoors so are well-suited for traditional farming and specialist farming such as raising elk, bison, ostriches, emus and alpacas as well.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Resourcefulness.
The Achiever can keep a cool head in the most dire of situations. They know how to detach themselves from commotion and turmoil to think of clever, effective solutions. Like the TV secret agent MacGyver, they are the ones you can count on to create fast, ingenious solutions to the most complex problems. They are the 'Masters of tools. They are fearless - risking themselves again and again, despite frequent injury. They are most likely to pit themselves, or their technique, against chance or odds. Try letting them handle equipment of any complexity and power and see how fast they learn to use it. e.g. Clint Eastwood.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Open Aura Zone™. Skilled in tactics. The Achiever is needed in an immediate crisis when a quick, smart solution is essential. They can solve problems rapidly without getting panicky. They use their focussed energy to find resources, tools and materials to circumvent problems and improve situations. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Analyzer Operator”.

What they Spot Zone™. Spots logical fallacies more frequently and rapidly than most patterns and, as a result, can be challenging to convince of anything without pure, unadulterated facts. They quickly realize when people are defending their decisions by using false dichotomies, straw man arguments or half-truths. They have little patience for this and can quickly tune people out who are trying to manipulate them in this way. They just do not see it as being worth their time.

Narration: This Dogg wants a job that makes them think, allows them to be active and piques their curiosity. As a detective, they can use their skill for detailed observation and analysis to study suspects, interview witnesses and examine the evidence. Their ability to separate fact from fiction enables them to piece together the story of how a crime unfolded and who is likely to blame. Their desire for justice motivates them to be an advocate for the victims they long to protect.

E. Hunter™'s comments: Whatever their occupation, they will be the one you go to to fix the photocopier or get your car started. Be aware that the Achiever has the worst temper but a very long fuse. That would be very hard to pick in a job interview.

Other fields: Tradie, Forester, Software Developer, Firefighter, Airline Pilot.

As candidate: Seek jobs where 'hands on' is the name of the game.

As the boss: The Achiever will want to think things through.

As the work colleague: The Achiever will quickly have the reputation of the practical Mr. Fixit.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Builder - They built your shed, but they noticed your main house foundations were a bit weak so they dug them out by hand and put 200 tonnes of concrete in so it can withstand a direct nuclear strike.

As you - what you will complain about: The Achiever tends to complain when there is no productive action to take immediately.


13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

Top Dogg Choice™: Veterinarian

Career Character™: The Practitioner is warm and sympathetic, but also detailed, organized and thorough. They are natural protectors, so they tend to thrive as health care professionals or working with children or animals. As they are so detail-oriented, they also do well in positions that work closely with money such as bookkeeping.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Devotion.
The Practitioner is known for their generosity, compassion and attention to detail. Throughout history, they have been people who guarded the defenseless, attended the sick and stood up for the less fortunate. They are aware of the details that make people feel comfortable and are often the first to notice if someone seems cold, hungry, thirsty or simply tense. They are the quiet caretakers, the loyal confidantes and people who deserve much more recognition than they usually receive. e.g. Kate Middleton.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Focussed Aura Zone™. Skilled in supporting. The Practitioner notices what people need and alerts them to precautions they should take. They absorb details like a sponge, often going the extra 1.60934 kilometres to make sure that their loved ones are safe and protected. They are deeply loyal to their friends and use common sense and consistent support to motivate and encourage. They protect valued traditions and remind people of what “home” really means. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Protector Supporter”.

What they Spot Zone™. Sees life through a series of filters and lenses that compare what is happening now to the experiences in the past. Because of this, they can spot changes very quickly. As an example, they are probably the first to notice when someone has cut their hair, changed the décor in their living room or even appears more uncomfortable physically. Because of their ability to spot these changes, they can often pick up on physical cues about how people feel and what they need. They can also recall solutions from the past that can be used to optimize a current situation. [They live in the past].

Narration: This Dogg has a natural desire to make a practical difference for the people / nice customers (or their four-legged friends) that they care about. They have strong attention to detail, a grounded outlook on life and a desire to heal, nurture and comfort. As a vet, they would be able to use their natural gifts to improve the quality of life for the animals who are treasured by your clients. They have the compassion to deal with sick animals and their worried owners and they have the hard-working and grounded nature that is needed to deal with the (sometimes) less-than-pretty nature of the job. They have the organisational skills to keep their office running smoothly provided there is no conflict. Any conflict, as minor as what the thermostat is set to, will cause issues and Fido will not get the treatment that Lady Clackhorn is paying for.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The reality is that the Practitioner is a follower, but a highly regarded and competent one. They are a hopeless manager as they cannot handle conflict effectively. If they have a good manager there is a great chance of forming a winning team. Many fields suggested here do not require good management skills.

Other fields: Physician, Social Worker, Teacher, Librarian, Chef, Health and Safety Engineer.

As candidate: Avoid taking jobs that require management skills.

As the boss: The Practitioner will be a very good, loyal and respected employee as they are followers. They will struggle as an effective boss as they hate conflict and change, even when necessary. They should never be the boss based on our experience over many decades.

As the work colleague: The Practitioner will play the victim and talk about all the goings on with their family.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Teacher or Clerk - They like people and a bit of process and tend to get landed with the jobs no one else wants.

As you - what you will complain about: The Practitioner tends to complain when they lack positive feedback or receive unwarranted (in their eyes) criticism.


"Rules are for the guidance of wise men and the blind obedience of fools."
Solon, 640 BC - 558 BC. Athenian statesman, lawmaker and poet. (Appraiser)


14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

Top Dogg Choice™: Referee/Umpire/Sports Official

Career Character™: The Objective Thinker is practical, factual, organized and logical. They are great problem-solvers who thrive in careers that are heavy with facts, numbers, rules and data. They make excellent accountants, engineers, air traffic controllers and security guards.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Concentration.
The Objective Thinker has a masterful eye for detail and accuracy. They are extremely aware of all the nuances and physical aspects of the project they are working on. While others flit from idea to idea or can glaze over details, they miss nothing. They may not say everything they think or express all their thoughts and plans, but they notice and see with more precision than most. If you need someone who can keep an attentive, protective eye on a project or person they care about, you can count on them. e.g. Warren Buffett.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Focussed Aura Zone™. Skilled in logistics. The OT has a knack for creating detailed, sequential plans so that a goal can be achieved in an efficient, timely manner. They are good at organising people, delegating and leading in a calm, no-nonsense way. They foresee potential problems and focus their energy on avoiding negative effects. Their well-laid out plans and their quiet, yet confident, nature inspires trust in people. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Planner Inspector”.

What they Spot Zone™. Has an intense attention to detail that few can rival. They do not just see the obvious details on the surface, though. Seeing something in the present can trigger a series of other images and memories from the past in their mind. They probably experience déjà vu a lot because they are so connected to these previous experiences. They know how to use their rich mental storehouse of facts to make the current moment more efficient or enjoyable.

Narration: This Dogg is are extremely observant and detail-oriented which makes them perfect for the job as a referee. They are quick to notice when something is not as it should be and they have a strong belief in fair-play, no matter what their personal preferences may be. They are good at remembering the rules, watching out for the well-being of the players and inspecting equipment to make sure that the players will all be safe. In this career field, they can use their powers of judgment to make wise split-second decisions that are fair and objective.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The skills outlined here also promote the idea of a Project Manager due to the Objective Thinker's sublime skill of being able to seamlessly connect seemingly unrelated facts. They are the inside runners for Level 5 Managers; many would erroneously go for the High D quadrant.

Other fields: Surgeon, Farmer, Pilot, Mechanic, Engineer, Accountant, Logistician.

As candidate: Seek roles where they can drown in facts.

As the boss: The Objective Thinker will be a very good, loyal and respected employee as they abide by the rules. As a boss will want to be fed the pros and cons before deciding but can be very effective.

As the work colleague: The Objective Thinker may well be seen as boring if their interests differ radically from their colleagues. Otherwise, very highly thought of.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Process Manager - No, you did not tick section 54b subsection 8.1 box 3; you will have to start all over again.

As you - what you will complain about: The Objective Thinker tends to complain when there is not a clearly defined plan of action.


15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

Top Dogg Choice™: Software Developer

Career Character™: The Perfectionist is intellectually curious but also analytical, objective and conceptual. They thrive as architects and engineers, as well as in various scientific and technology fields as well as in construction.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Analytical Thinking.
The Perfectionist is excellent at organizing logical principles and creating a framework for how things work. They disregard bias or emotional distractions to decide what is most rational, objective and fair. While others might lose patience with complex dilemmas, they can effectively dissect the problem to discover creative, ingenious solutions. e.g. Marie Curie.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Focussed Aura Zone™. Skilled in developing theories. The Perfectionist has an inner focus on logical analysis and precision. They work to create precise, refined systems of categorization, aiming to get to the essence of something by merging theories into a complete picture. They bring clarity to complex situations by sharing new approaches, methods and unconventional perspectives. They cut through denial and present ingenious explanations or conclusions without getting emotionally attached to them. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Designer Theorizer”.

What they Spot Zone™. They can almost immediately spot assumptions, biases and inconsistencies in arguments, beliefs or rules. When people around them are arguing, they will quickly sense the framework that each person is using to attack the other person. They can also sense faulty logic in both arguments, which components of the argument do not match up with another and which categories in the argument are being purposefully ignored. They can quickly call out inconsistencies, inaccurate projections and hypocrisy without feeling any emotional ties to either side.

Narration: This Dogg is drawn to technology like a magnet. They love using their reasoning skills and troubleshooting abilities to create innovative systems and platforms. Their curious, intellectual nature tends to draw them to fields in engineering, technology and the sciences. These are all places where they can think creatively and design solutions that solve abstract problems and desires. As software developers, especially entrepreneurial software developers, they are able to work autonomously and at their own pace – which can be quite brisk if they are passionate about what they are creating or be never finished - 'there are just more tweaks' that probably will take months if not more.

E. Hunter™'s comments: The Perfectionist is a poor managers as there is always more information to obtain. Meanwhile, the house has burned down. If they had a good supervisor / team leader there is a great chance of forming a winning team. Many fields suggested here do not require good management skills. Keep the Perfectionist away from management and where newly gained influence goes off the scale. e.g. Australia's Chief Health Officers causing fear and panic in the COVID-19 situation crisis where 99% of the cases are mild and masks are ineffective.

Other fields: Computer Systems Analyst, Engineer, Physicist, Professor, Writer.

As candidate: Avoid taking jobs that require lots of human interaction.

As the boss: The Perfectionist will always want more time to finish a task as they seek perfectionism. If they are the boss, the project will be incomplete, late and over budget. So do not appoint them as the boss.

As the work colleague: The Perfectionist may well be the absent minded professor of your outfit. If they are just a bit eccentric, they can be the subject of great humour as they fall asleep on the train and arrive back at their home station at 9am.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Security guru, including IT - No one quite knows what they are doing, nor when it will be finished and every time a person asks them, they massively wish that they had not.

As you - what you will complain about: The Perfectionist tends to complain when practical considerations interfere with their creative potential.


16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is the Afghan Hound

Top Dogg Choice™: Astronomer

Career Character™: The Enhancer is decisive, innovative, insightful and logical. They are able to apply their big-picture thinking along with their problem-solving skills, which makes them best suited for work in very technical careers such as architecture, science and engineering.

Upper Hand Advantage™: Strategizing.
The Enhancer can easily see the long-range implications of current events. They can quickly navigate through roadblocks and setbacks, constantly re-constructing their vision and re-determining what will happen in the days ahead. They have a clear, precise view of the future and know how to arrange outer elements so that the desired outcome can be achieved. e.g. Mark Zuckerberg.

In their Aura Zone™ - what they emit - unique aura, energy, vibe:

The cohort also refer to Your Zone™

Focussed Aura Zone™. Skilled in strategy. The Enhancer conceives new ways of thinking about things and can direct others to make progress in turn. They are insightful and original, often seeing underlying meanings or patterns that bypass others. They maximize efficiency and are often called upon when a complex, long-range objective needs to be achieved and planned out. Aura Zone™ Tag: “Conceptualizer Director”.

What they Spot Zone™. Sees various perspectives and underlying meanings in the world around them. Because they have Extroverted Thinking paired with Intuition, they also see implementable strategies at every turn. It is easy for them to imagine life as a complex strategy game and they often feel like the only one who knows the ultimate strategy and sees the big picture. They spot implications, outcomes and opportunities quickly and can alter their life plan at a moment’s notice so that it lines up with their long-term goals.

Narration: This Dogg is naturally drawn to the big picture of life – and one cannot get a much bigger than the study of astronomy. Understanding how celestial objects (stars, planets, comets and galaxies) originate, move and impact us helps to broaden our understanding of the universe. This career field is compelling to a mind which is constantly seeking to make clarity out of complexity. Their interest in the theoretical, scientific and their insight into future implications gives them a natural skill in this field. They are someone who does not mind racking their brain to understand some of the most puzzling concepts of our time which make them a perfect fit for this career field.

E. Hunter™'s comments: This Dogg loves being the strategist and is extremely good at being that. Poor team player but outstanding leader of a team with a reputation of bashing through roadblocks to get the job done.

Other fields: Also: Lawyer, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Data Scientist, Director.

As candidate: Ensure that you demonstrate that you can take account of the personal sides of decision making which is often stated to be a big weakness. Take a job where you can thrive when given the space to shine with your strategy.

As the boss: The Enhancer is very good boss who clearly articulates what is expected and that is that everything in this company can be done better.

As the work colleague: The Enhancer is very much the mystery man as they very rarely allow work colleagues to see how they tick. They will be very difficult to get to know and it will not take colleagues long to know of their disinterest in small talk, gossip and idiots. They have a monomaniac focus on tasks, achievements, promotions, money, success and exhibit the 'work hard play hard' mentality.

Sarcastic yet true career™: The Super-expert - They are correct and annoyingly know it. They tend to be just waiting for others to catch-up.

As you - what you will complain about: The Enhancer tends to complain when people do not see why their strategy is the best - and their strategy usually is.