Tidiness - High Ds:

1. Director - ESTJ.

"Finicky with tidiness well past the point of annoyance."

The most likely roommate to make a chore wheel. They strategize, delegate and supervise, but no one resents it because they signed themselves up to scrub the unidentified sludge from the bathtub and tackle the rats nest in the garage. The Alexander the Great of spring cleaning.

The Director can be very organised but can be messy as well. They enjoy keeping things where they can easily get to them and, because of this, they often prefer cleaning themselves. They might become frustrated if someone else decides to organize for them, since they will not be able to easily find their important items. They can sometimes live in organised chaos, but they always know where everything is. This only happens when they are under stress though, since they strongly prefer to have a clean and tidy environment. They especially hate having company over and not having their home in perfect condition.

How much of a hoarder? The Director is not really a fan of clutter and prefers to keep things organised. They can become sentimental about certain items, but only like to keep ones that bring positive reactions. They do not want to create clutter though and are not afraid of getting rid of things that are not necessary to keep. They become uncomfortable with too much mess or clutter and often feel like it stands in the way of getting things done the way they want. So, no junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch for strange behaviour. They would start the car again to make sure the steering wheel was straight. They don't use the dining room to prevent the table getting scratched. They put hard and liquid waste in separate bins despite the Council putting both in the one truck. Get my drift?

2. Developer - ENTJ.

"Organised chaos but like clear pathways to marshal the troops."

They believe that both messiness and religious tidiness are both inefficient. They are a firm advocate of organised chaos. As long as everything is right where they know where it is. Arguments with your family or work colleagues may start with: "I cannot believe you threw out those papers scattered on the waste paper basket. Those were important!"

The Developer is organised in some ways, but messy in others. They will often keep things organised so that they know where everything is- but might forget to pick up a few scattered pieces of paper in their bedroom. If it is important to keep something organised- like in their work environment- they will make sure that it is well put together. They know how to organize well, they just do not always feel like it is necessary. When it comes to their personal space, they might let things slide for a while, especially if they have other things they believe to be more important. Their minds are constantly running through a million different thoughts and ideas, which often causes cleaning to become less important.

How much of a hoarder? The Developer is not usually the pattern to enjoy having too much clutter in their environment. They prefer to keep their entertaining space clean and nice looking and dislike when people cannot seem to keep things clean. They might have a small amount of organised chaos in their workspace, simply because this helps them maintain a steady flow. While they are not always strict about how they organize things, they are not often fans of hoarding. They are not afraid of letting go of things that are not necessary to keep around. So, no junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for one area to be pristine e.g. their office and another e.g. their car not to have been cleaned for months.

3. Results - ESTP.

"They are out where the action is and that is not in the messy office."

They will question why the Achiever is staring at the pile of leaking rubbish. In the ten minutes the Achiever has been zoning out, the Results has flown around the office or apartment, jump shotting laundry / towels into the holder and dropping dishes into the sink. Will the dryer be able to handle that many towels without overheating? There is only one way to find out!

The Results is not the most organised people and often allow things to become extremely cluttered. They usually know where everything is and can quickly find their needed item under a pile of clothing. They simply do not focus their energy on keeping things tidy, especially since there are so many other more important things to do. They rarely feel inspired to keep their environment clean, but might go through spurts of aggressively organizing. They know how to organize, especially when it comes to items that are very important to them. They likely know where they want everything placed and can be a bit meticulous about this. They simply have other important things to focus on in their lives and can become a bit disinterested in organizing and cleaning their homes.

How much of a hoarder? The Results can often obtain a lot of items and have a hard time getting rid of them. This can be because they are struggling to take the time to go through their items to figure out which ones they no longer need. They often go on shopping binges when they are feeling a bit sad, or even just bored, which can cause them to build up a lot of different items. They simply live so much in the present that they do not always consider the need to organised and take time to declutter. But it is not junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for messy offices. TV interviews during the pandemic show poor attention to keeping things neat. Look at bookcases for items stuffed everywhere.

4. Inspirational - ENTP.

"Coffee just spilt and messy. Likes things a bit quirky."

They have never cleaned their home or car the same way twice. They jump from task to task in a pattern that would take a maniac to decipher. But, like the menagerie on top of your dresser, it makes perfect sense to the Inspirational.

The Inspirational can be a bit messy, especially when they are more focussed on work or other important things. They simply live inside of their own minds and are constantly running through new ideas and possibilities. This can cause things like cleaning to seem rather trivial and so they will often have a rather messy room. They do not mind cleaning from time to time, but will likely just sift through the chaos in order to find what they need. There is a difference between dirty and messy, and most Inspirationals are just messy. They do best if they have someone in their lives who can help keep them organised since they do not want to do that themselves. If they have to keep a certain space organised for work, they will be capable of doing this.

How much of a hoarder? The Inspirational can sometimes hoard items, but they are often good at maintaining a clear space for guests or themselves. They simply enjoy being able to store things that they find interesting, or that might become valuable one day. They like exploring new hobbies and ideas, so this can cause them to acquire many different items that they really do not want to get rid of. They do not become hung up on keeping everything perfectly organised, so they do not really mind a small amount of clutter. But it's not junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for the difference between clean dirt (coffee just spilt) and dirty dirt (coffee stain weeks old). The Inspirational will have clean dirt and be messy.

Tidiness - High Is:

5. Persuader - ENFJ.

"Neat and tidy. Look for personalised items in the office."

Their mental checklist will be bounced around. When the last item is crossed off, they stand near the table (not on it, of course, as they just wiped it clean!) and give a speech: "We don’t clean because it’s cute. We clean because we are members of the apartment and the apartment is filled with people. Vacuuming, scrubbing, dusting, getting those tiny coffee grounds out from behind the grinder, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But you, me and the 25 people coming over tonight, these are what we stay alive for. No matter what anybody tells you, a quick run of the vacuum can change this apartment.".

The Persuader is often very organised and enjoys keeping things neat and clean. They dislike things being messy, especially when they have guests. They will entertain often and, because of this, prefer to keep their home looking as neat as possible. They might have certain areas that are more disorganised, but they keep those hidden away from people. They can live in the occasional organised chaos, but they try to save this for their bedroom and private places where people cannot see. They always try to keep their appearance as clean as possible, but might have a few messy quirks. Overall though, they are clean and tidy people and enjoy keeping things visually attractive to others.

How much of a hoarder? The Persuader can sometimes have a hard time getting rid of things, so they can be drawn to hoarding tendencies. They want to keep their environment clean for their loved ones, but their personal space can become slightly cluttered. They simply have a hard time getting rid of things that they might be able to use, or possibly give to someone else. They do not want to get rid of an item and regret it later on and can even be prone to collecting things in abundance. But the stuff they have is not junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for neat and tidy overall for what is in view. This is part of the prestigious image the Persuader likes to give off. Neat dressing contributes as well.

6. Appraiser - ESFJ.

"Will be caught out if there are unexpected visitors."

They diligently do their part, while also putting out snacks and making drinks for the rest of the cleaning crew. They cannot wait for their flatmate to notice that they have folded their socks for them already, in that weird way they like. When they have finished their tasks, they jump in to help the Results flatmate, who broke the dryer with too many towels."

The Appraiser prefers to keep things in their life as organised as possible, but might struggle with this from time to time. They know how to organize and often keep their important items put together perfectly. They have a tendency to take on too many tasks in the hope of pleasing their loves ones, which can cause certain things to fall behind. Their bedrooms might be a bit messy and disorganised, simply because they have a million other things they are attending to. They will, however, focus on cleaning up after their loved ones in order to make them happy. They simply become distracted by the many things they need to get done, which can cause certain parts of their lives to appear less organised. They will make sure that their home is perfectly clean when they have guests over though and dislike feeling like anything is out of order.

How much of a hoarder? The Appraiser does not like mess, especially when they have to entertain others. They like to keep things clean and organised as much as they possibly can. While they do like to make sure that their environment looks nice, they do have a hard time getting rid of certain things. They can become sentimental about certain items, especially ones that bring back important memories. They might have a hard time getting rid of these things and will often have to find places to store them. This can cause the Appraiser to seem like a bit like a hoarder, but they are often good at keeping this from others. But the stuff they have is not junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for the car not washed and the lawn not mown type of features.

7. Promoter - ENFP.

"An embarrassing and appalling appearance."

They think that cleaning is for common areas only when people are coming over. Their bedroom looks like a poor man’s version of the Cave of Wonders treasure room in Aladdin, but they prefer to call it "nesting". Cleaning is best done with a podcast in the headphones or talking with a friend, in order to thoroughly dissociate from the fact that the Promoter is actually cleaning.

The Promoter can often be messy and do not mind living in a cluttered environment. They do, however, hate being surrounded by dirty or unpleasant sights and smells. They will be more than capable of picking up after themselves and will clear out anything that would make their surroundings gross. They simply do not have much desire to keep things organised, and will likely toss their clothes or empty water bottles on the floor. If things start to become too messy after a long time, they might make a mental game of cleaning things up. They can appear organised to some people, but for the most part they do not mind a little mess in their lives. They simply have so many other things running through their minds, that it is easy to become distracted.

How much of a hoarder? The Promoter can definitely struggle to get rid of things that hold a deeper meaning to them, so they might have some hoarding tendencies. They often enjoy collecting and might find themselves interested in many different types of collectible items. They simply enjoy experiencing new things and can become excited when they can discover items that are valuable or interesting. They also can find themselves having a hard time getting rid of something that hold a special memories or feeling. The appropriate term for this stuff is junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for the car not washed, garden not cared for and mess everywhere. e.g. dining table covered in junk for 12 months, garage so full there is no room for the car. This pattern is a disgrace when it comes to tidiness and this feature is so easy to pick.

8. Counselor - ESFP.

"A blend of outward elegance with mess and useless items collected."

They have people coming over in an hour, but the apartment is a mess. Selecting the perfect Spotify playlist for cleaning is obviously the most pressing task, so they take twenty minutes to pick one out and, of course, check their social media. They then spend 60% of the remaining time dancing with the vacuum, 30% trying to get the flatmate to dance too, while 10% is actually spent on vacuuming.

The Counselor likes to keep things looking nice, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. They want to look nice to others and will keep themselves looking very put together. They also prefer that their home looks clean and tidy when they have guests and will often hurry to pick up right before people show up. They do, however, struggle with keeping their bedrooms clean. They simply have so many other things on their minds and often do not care about cleaning up after themselves. Their rooms can often become complete chaos, but they often suggest that they know where everything is. They can sometimes struggle with throwing things out, especially if they hold sentimental value to them.

How much of a hoarder? The Counselor can have some hoarding tendencies, since they can become emotionally attached to physical items. If something holds a memory for them, it is hard for them to let go of this. They enjoy holding onto positive memories and most items often have some sort of emotion attached to them. They do not like getting rid of things and often have a hard time letting go when something hold a personal value to them. But the stuff they have is not junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for mess behind the outward appearance. This aspect requires a bit of knowledge of the person. Contrast the snappy appearance at the Melbourne Cup and their collection of sentimental items that are actually useless.

Tidiness - High Ss:

9. Specialist - ISFP.

"Too busy on the arty project - a clean mess with room for special items."

The situation is that perhaps it is time to start cleaning. After assessing the situation thoroughly and devising a plan, they remember that they could really use a separate laundry bin for dark clothes and they have been meaning to get some new dish rags. They think it it best to pop out to the store before starting. They announce "If anyone has a different plan though, I would be more than happy to do that instead!" in their most conflict-avoidant voice.)

The Specialist is rarely organised and prefers to have things a bit more chaotic. Their minds are always running through a million different thoughts, which causes them to become easily distracted. They simply do not care to keep their bedrooms clean and tidy yet will often know exactly where they placed everything. They will keep their appearance looking nice though and enjoy dressing up from time to time. They dislike having their environment be dirty and gross, but do not mind mess at all.

How much of a hoarder? The Specialist does become attached to some items and will keep something that holds a memory for them. They do not like hoarding things that seem useless, but it can be surprising what they might value. They often have an emotional connection to gifts they have been given, since it feels like a physical representation of that persons feelings towards them. For the Specialist something that is beautiful and holds a meaningful memory is something they do not want to rid themselves of. But it is junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for these arty types. They are plain messy. But they probably have room for the car in the garage so rank behind the Promoter.

10. Investigator - INFJ.

"50% fanatic; 50% rarely cleaned or tidied. A quiet area may be more important."

They believe that a thorough cleaning is important, but like calling a difficult family member, it is best left as a once a week or once a month activity when they are feeling motivated. If they find themselves cleaning throughout the week, they are probably avoiding other work they are supposed to be doing, because they "will not be able to focus until it’s clean".

The Investigator dislike dirtiness and will likely be very clean and put together. Their perfectionist tendencies can come into play when it does come time to clean. They do however have the occasional clutter in their rooms, it is more like an organised chaos. They know where everything is, but it might appear messy and disorganised to others. Everything has an intentional place, but it does not always appear neat and organised to an outsider’s perspective. They like their personal space to be their own, and often do not care if others have complaints about it. They also keep their appearance rather clean and tidy but might have intentionally disheveled hair. They enjoy putting a little personality into their style, but also enjoy being clean. They are never dirty, but they do not mind the occasional clutter in their environment - as long as it is their OWN clutter.

How much of a hoarder? The Investigator can definitely be drawn to collecting and keeping more items than they have space for. This simply happens because they become attached to certain items that they feel comforted by. They might even be the type to surround themselves with things that make them happy when they are feeling a bit overwhelmed. They are not materialistic but they enjoy certain things that bring positive emotions and memories into their hearts. For the Investigator, it can be easy to not fully recognize the potential clutter in their environment which makes them slightly more capable of hoarding. It is stuff that has outlived its usefulness.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for an inconsistent approach to tidiness. The car may not be washed and the desk piled with excessive amounts of paper or have a bursting CD collection that is a shambles. Yet they leave the vacuum out at all times for the dog hair and vacuum this up five times per day.

11. Agent - INFP.

"Unpredictable as to what it might be from week to week but there will be mementos."

They will think why would one clean when there are so many more meaningful things to do with their time. Besides, they would first need to figure out all the possible approaches to tackle that mess and the pros and cons of each. Oh, and come up with a working theory of how and why our society began placing significance on clean environments. They think about cleaning more than they actually clean. They wait until a single speck of dust lands on their current project then pull a muscle lunging for the nearest microfibre cloth. And then complain.

The Agent is often rather messy when it comes to their bedroom. They dislike wasting time on organizing and prefer to leave things how they are. They have other activities they would much rather be spending time on and so their cleaning habits often fall behind a bit. They might have certain things that are organised, such as their books or music collections - this usually pertains to something they are deeply passionate about. Something that the Agent values immensely, will be more organised than the random things in their room. They simply live too much in their own inner minds to focus on keeping their room tidy. They might go through short bursts where they feel a strong desire to clean and organize - but this usually fades away and their room will become messy again in a week’s time.

How much of a hoarder? The Agent can definitely be prone to hoarding tendencies since they really are not that connected to their physical surroundings. They do not always recognize when their collections or items have become a bit overwhelming in their environment. They also can have certain memories tied to items and it makes it hard for them to get rid of them. While they are not materialistic people the things they own can often remind them of something special or inspire an emotion that truly goes deep. It is stuff that, to others, is junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for a variable approach to tidiness. Oscillates.

12. Achiever - ISTP.

"A reasonably consistent approach but storage not a priority."

They wait until the house is finally messy enough for them to notice, so they take care of it. Quickly, efficiently and with no frills. As they head back to their computer they shake their head at their Agent flatmate, who is still brainstorming possible approaches. If the flatmate is a Director, they will have been ordered to clean even before this paragraph could be composed.

The Achiever often has a system that works very well for them and this can either be organised or messy. They enjoy keeping their environment put together in a way that they personally understand. They know how they want things done and often dislike if other people try to mess with that system. They enjoy having their own personal space and do not want people to invade that space. Their environment might be messy, but they always know where they have placed everything around them. They will likely have an organised work environment though and like keeping everything in its place. They keep their physical appearance rather clean and often dislike nastiness. They simply know what they like and do not want other people messing that up for them.

How much of a hoarder? The Achiever often lives in the present, but there are times when they can become a bit of a hoarder. They simply do not always take the time to organised and clear out older things that they do not need anymore. They become easily distracted by something that seems much more interesting and so removing the clutter is put off for a while. They might go through stages of being a bit cluttered to suddenly going in and just hauling everything out. The stuff can be items that have outlives their usefulness.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for a consistently good approach to tidiness with periods of dropping the ball. They may have tools from a career that is 20 years in the past.

Tidiness - High Cs:

13. Practitioner - ISFJ.

"Uses filing cabinets and storage a lot."

They will let everyone go and do what they want and be left to clean. This is their happy place. Who needs a therapist when they have shoes to organize?

The Practitioner prefers to keep their lives as organised as possible, especially if they have family around them. They want everything to be tidy and appear nice to others. They dislike mess and might feel responsible if things are not kept clean. They often take it upon themselves to keep their environment spotless and will rarely mind cleaning up after others. Their natural desire to make their loved ones happy can often cause them to resort to cooking and cleaning as a way to show their affection. Being able to keep a nice and clean environment for the people they love, is a great accomplishment for the Practitioner. They also keep their appearance very clean and well put together - since they believe that this is important.

How much of a hoarder? The Practitioner can become sentimental with certain items, making it hard to get rid of them. At the same time, they dislike mess in their environment so they will find a way to keep things organised. If they start to obtain too many items, they will find a way to store them so it does not become overwhelming and that avoids the issue. They do not believe in letting their environment become messy and want to be sure to keep things nice and presentable by hiding the junk. But it is junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for a consistently neat and tidy regime. However, if their flatmate is a Promoter or Specialist, the state of play will be less than their aim as they will avoid conflict over the mess. They may handle the issue with passive-aggressiveness which may well be ignored.

14. Objective Thinker - ISTJ.

"Mess avoiders. Will put things away or in trays."

They may have a home that may look like chaos incarnate, but they know that everything is right where it always is - where it was put. When the mess finally becomes too much, they order everyone out of the house and cancel their plans for the day. That is because that is how long it will take them to clean everything the right way. (The OT way, obviously.) Their office, on the other hand, looks like a picture from an Officeworks catalog.

The Objective Thinker is often very organised people and dislike being around mess or clutter. In order to remain focussed and comfortable in their surroundings, they likely need things to be organised and clean. If someone around them is messy, they will probably find themselves constantly picking up after them. They do not mind going a short while with things being a little disorganised but will likely go through bursts of cleaning when this happens. When they have guests, they will feel a need to clean up their surroundings. They simply do not want people thinking that they live in a messy environment.

How much of a hoarder? The Objective Thinker really does not like hoarding items and prefers to keep things clean and organised. They do not want constant clutter to get in the way of things and want to be sure to keep everything in order. They often find it obnoxious walking into an environment that is messy or overly cluttered with unnecessary items. They can struggle to get rid of things that are sentimental to them in some ways but they do know how to overcome this and keep everything from getting out of hand. Junk free zone.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for a remarkably consistently approach to a good level of tidiness. The Oxor cohort would never confuse an Objective Thinker with a Promoter or Specialist based on tidiness.

15. Perfectionist - INTP.

"Will know where everything is in the mess."

The situation is that the rubbish bin is full again, already. As they tie up the bag to take it down the hallway, they think, "There has to be a better system". They consider the volume and sources of trash generated daily, how much space it would save to compress empty containers, the pros, and cons of recycling, whether or not a smaller bags can would psychologically induce less garbage generation. They have now been standing for ten minutes blankly staring at the full bag, totally unaware of the steady stream of liquid trailing on to the floor.

The Perfectionist can become rather messy, especially since they live so much inside of their inner minds. They can go for days without picking up after themselves, simply because they forget about the physical world around them. When they go into hardcore thinking mode, it is difficult for them to recognize the mess around them. This can become frustrating for the Perfectionist when they do take notice of their messy surroundings. It might even force them into sporadic cleaning modes, where they attempt to organize and fix everything in their physical surroundings. They simply dislike having to focus on things like cleaning because they have so many other thoughts filling up their head space. They might require that one specific space be clean at all times and this is likely the space where they work.

How much of a hoarder? The Perfectionist can definitely be a hoarder since they find it difficult to get rid of many items. There are some things that might remind them of the past and when they are positive memories they want to preserve this. Many times though they find themselves holding onto piles of items because they intuitively believe that they will become valuable or rare someday. They often find themselves jumping from one hobby or idea to the next which can cause them to build up a lot of different items in their environment. The Perfectionist is also a book hoarder most of the time piling up many new books all of which they have started reading but have had a hard time finishing. Excess books is the clue. Most are junk.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for whether the cleaning is being done by someone else as this can mask the situation of a Perfectionist acting alone.

16. Enhancer - INTJ.

"Most things are tidy. The cupboards less so."

Their house appears to be in a consistent state of cleanliness–counters wiped, sink clear–but inside every drawer and wardrobe is an intricate jumble of objects. They calmly close drawers and doors and, voila, the house is magically spotless again.

The Enhancer has a tendency to be messy but they are rarely dirty. Their minds are constantly running through different thoughts which can cause them not to like cleaning all that much. They often have a place for everything on their desk and will remember that pair of scissors that they placed under that specific piece of paper. They often know where everything is and might live in what appears to be an organised chaos. They like their appearance to be rather put together and organised, especially if they are going to be seen by other people. Their room or desk, however, will be a bit more messy and cluttered. They often know where things are though and might not even consider their surroundings to be all that disorganised. They do not let things get too out of hand and will dislike anything gross or unsettling in their presence.

How much of a hoarder? The Enhancer does not like when things are overly messy but they do not mind what seems to be a little clutter. They can sometimes maintain a bit of organised chaos and will know exactly where everything is in their workspace. They do believe in keeping their entertaining areas very clean and simple though, although they are not often fans of constant entertaining. They can sometimes hoard things like books and items that are important or valuable. They might even enjoy collecting, but they like to display things in a way that people can actually enjoy rather than just have things sitting around. It is not junk - if you are wise, do not chuck it out without the Enhancer's permission if you wish to maintain harmony.

Elizabeth Hunter™'s view: Watch out for whether the office is a bit cluttered and the rest of the enterprise is spotless - e.g. car and sink. I know. I am one and this is exactly the situation as I compose this comment.

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