When you know your Disc pattern
it is useful to Hone Yourself™ to simply go better

Are you going to Hone Yourself™ today?
This section is for the Oxor masters and mistresses, ladies and gentlemen.

You will most likely need assistance if you are here by accident :-) This might tell you what but it will not tell you how.

Here are all sixteen patterns - Honed.

You will be here and you have already worked that out!

Conducted and composed by Elizabeth Hunter™ - Last Update February 5, 2021

1. Can it be the Director - ESTJ?

The Director is the Border Collie

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Director is a hard worker and likely have a to-do list at the beginning of every day. Just remember that sometimes slowing down and not rushing from task to task can help to do things better. Pausing before making a decision can help gain more insight, see a new perspective or find a creative avenue that had not been thought of prior.
2. As someone who likes routine and consistency it is also important to be open-minded for new alternatives. Do not be too hasty to dismiss unusual ideas or perspectives. Take some time before reverting to the "tried-and-true" technique to ensure that it is really the best way.
3. As an extroverted thinking type the Director likes to have a lot of control over what is happening. Do not let that sense of control get out of hand! Remember to value the input of your opposite types, whether they are feeling types, perceiving types or intuitives. Opposites can learn a lot from each other.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Contented, Energetic, Prejudiced, Self-Satisfied, Practical.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your no-nonsense, take-charge demeanour makes others feel confident and secure. You can be counted upon to be honest and let others know how you really feel. You will not waste others' time playing games or beating around the bush. Others love how much you value your family and friends and how committed you are to your purpose and your values. There is something deeply attractive about your confidence and steadfast nature.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Create workable, step-by-step plans for teams and communities so that goals can be achieved and order can be maintained.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Being too strict.


2. Can it be the Developer - ENTJ?

The Developer is the German Shepherd

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Developer hates to waste time and despises laziness or procrastination. This can be a good thing and can propel them towards their goals. However, sometimes it is important to slow down and analyse a situation more fully before taking action. Sometimes "procrastinating" for a little while can help to see a new creative angle to a project being worked on. Sometimes slowing down can help seeing a new and better way of doing something.
2. Burnout is a common problem for Developers. It is essential that time is taken to check in with the physical health. Enough water today? Enough sleep? Exercise? Prioritise physical health so that thinking is more clear and then live to enjoy the fruits of your labour.
3. Do not forget values and personal ethics when working towards the desired vision. What is something that could be done today that would give life meaning and significance? Volunteer for a charity that you care about? Should you call the Parents and ask how they are doing? Maybe take one of your kids out for ice cream. Do not get so focussed on productivity and action such that the things that matter on a deeper personal level are forgotten.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Ambitious, Forceful, Optimistic, Egotistical, Adaptable, Energetic.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your take-charge, commanding personality exudes confidence and appeal. You are a trailblazer of new ideas and bold, strategic moves. Whether you are starting a new company, pursuing the relationship or learning a new philosophy you do everything with courage and curiosity. You may intimidate people at first, but the more others get to know you the more they realize that beneath your no-nonsense demeanor is an authenticity and nobility that draws others in.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Organize ideas, objects and information to create workable plans.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Working too hard.


3. Can it be the Results - ESTP?

The Results is the Jack Russell Terrier

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Results pushes physically and attaining a new goal can be intoxicating. However, they can hurt themselves in the process. Take time to rest, stretch, hydrate or eat a healthy meal. Do not overdo it so much that the result is a long-term injury or illness.
2. The thrill of a new adventure can be so compelling, but before jumping right in make sure to look at the long-term goals. Does this adventure align with what is wanted in life? Will it set the Results forwards or backwards? What are the risks? Weigh the pros and cons before doing something that may be regretted later.
3. Remember to take time for quiet and stillness each day. In the quiet of the Result's own mind it can be assessed whether theactions are logical and whether they align with own principles. Look at the unfinished projects and come up with a strategy for completing them. The Results life tends to be a busy one, but getting away from all the commotion and assessing where the Results is at is very beneficial.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Dominant, Flexible, Demanding, Sociable.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You are the quintessential daredevil and others just want you to take them along for the thrills and excitement you personify. You do not cave in under pressure and you certainly do not come across as needy or over-reactive. You have the charm and daring nature of a 'bad boy/girl' but you also seem to just 'know' how other people feel and what makes them tick. Is there anything more attractive than that?

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Rapidly assess data and size up a situation to find solutions and opportunities.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Failure.


4. Can it be the Inspirational - ENTP?

The Inspirational is the Bull Terrier

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Inspirational risks puting off taking care of physical needs because the excitement of opportunity is always pulling them forward. Pause every day, make sure to drink enough water and get enough sleep. Eat healthy. Take care of physical needs so that your mind can function optimally.
2. Appreciate and honour the things that are stable and dependable. Choose some healthy, meaningful habits that can be repeat daily to maintain well-being and contentment.
3. Remember that new can be best, but not always. When distracted and looking for a greener pathway, remember what drew the Inspirational to the life already in place. Remember how much you wished for the things currently possessed. Do not throw away the tried-and-true ways because of a need or a compulsion to innovate and change everything. Learn to pick and choose the things that are trustworthy and the things that are worth changing.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Enterprising, Friendly, Resourceful, Heading, Self-centered, and Independent.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You are a trailblazer of innovative ideas and out-of-the-box strategies. Your quick mental energy and your enthusiasm about the future is compelling and deeply irresistible. Others love your charm, yet your simultaneous bravery when it comes to disrupting traditions or debating a custom that makes zero sense to you. Others cannot get enough of your humour, brains and imagination.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Create options and opportunities that other petterns would miss.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Saying what is on your mind.


5. Can it be the Persuader - ENFJ?

The Persuader is the Boxer

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Persuader is sometimes so focussed on other people and the potential seen within them that the Persuader can become overbearing. Remember that each individual is responsible for their own choices. Do not take it personally if they do not take advice or ignore input. Take some time each day to focus on your own goals, values and priorities in life.
2. Remember to make time for quiet each day. The Persuader loves being around people and getting to know them deeply. But they also need quiet, peaceful time each day to focus on own thoughts, feelings and plans. Too much extroversion can burn anyone out, even the Persuader.
3. When someone comes to the Persuader for help it is extremely tempting to say "yes" right away! Be sure to take time to get in touch with own intuition before agreeing to something. Remember that it is okay to say "No" sometimes. Analyse the implications of each decision made. Is this decision in line with own values and priorities? Does this individual need to learn to solve this problem for themselves?

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Active, Pleasant, Social, Demanding, Impatient, Appreciative, Compromising.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your ability to exude a motivational-speaker/wizard aura is second-to-none. You have a way of challenging othersto be their best selves while making them feel deeply and passionately understood. Your ability to spot unique human capabilities and your power in transforming perceptions is awe inspiring. Your skill with people, your warmth and your perceptiveness are extremely enticing.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Recognize the needs and gifts of others.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Doing too much in relationships (interfering).


6. Can it be the Appraiser - ESFJ

The Appraiser is the Great Dane

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Appraiser is someone who naturally looks outwards to the needs of others, it can be easy to forget about their own needs. Make time to consider own values, ethics and desires. Is living in accordance with those things? Is the Appraiser saying "Yes" to too many things? Are they getting burned out? Take some alone time to consider this each day.
2. The Appraiser has an innate grasp of what other people need and want in life. Sometimes they might feel like they know more about others than they know about themselves. It can be easy to think that they know what is best for other people and while sometimes that is true, it is important not to become pushy or overbearing in this. Some people solve problems best on their own. Some people need space to themselves before they can identify the best solution. What works for an Appraiser might not work for another type. Use the gift of helpfulness, but do not overdo it or smother other people.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Outgoing, loyal, organized, tender-hearted.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You are someone with a strong sense of purpose and direction in your life. Others are drawn to your social grace, warmth, attentiveness and no-nonsense practical nature. You know how to support others in their endeavours while keeping a steady head in times of crisis. Your grounded outlook on life puts others at ease and your strong values inspire others to live for a higher purpose. There is something deeply appealing about that.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Sense what is needed in a community and then plan out how to get there.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Needing attention.


7. Can it be the Promoter - ENFP?

The Promoter is the Golden Retriever

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Promoter risks getting so caught up in variety-seeking that they run away from positive routines. Try to create a few healthy habits that can be maintained daily to avoid burn out or hurt relationships.
2. Remember that new is not always better. When distracted and looking for a new opportunity, think about the unfinished projects still waiting for completion. What is gained by finishing them? What inspired the Promoter to start them?
3. Take some time each day to tend to own physical health. As a risk-taker that can be a good thing, but not while risking own physical well-being.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Enthusiastic, Outgoing, Spontaneous, Changeable, Impulsive, Energetic, Understanding.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You are a visionary with epic and transformational ideas for the future. Your sense of wonder, imagination and creativity is only made more appealing by your engaging and warm personality. You have a contagious energy and an enthusiasm for life that makes people around you feel awakened and inspired. It is deeply appealing and it is something we all love about you until we want you to finish something.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Coming up with many possible solutions to just about any problem.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Following your heart (lack of facts).


8. Can it be the Counselor - ESFP

The Counselor is the Poodle

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Counselor is enticed by new adventures and experiences, but it is important to look before you leap. Think about the long-term consequences of choices before embarking on something new. Ask for advice from a trusted friend or mentor.
2. Take some time each day to slow down and assess own thoughts and feelings. Is conviction felt and a sense of "rightness" in pursuits? Take a break from the action and movement to pause and consider own values and true desires.
3. New ventures can pull the Counselor away from projects already begun. Take a moment before switching direction to remember why the current project was started. What risks are there in changing paths? Will the benefits outweigh them?

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Changeable, Energetic, Forceful, Initiating, Resourceful.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your warmth, enthusiasm, and adventurous nature are magnetic to others. You pull others out of their heads and show them all the awe-inspiring experiences life has in store for us every single day. Others cannot help but be drawn in by your compassion and humour – an unusual combination, but one that keeps others yearning for more.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Finding quick, practical solutions to problems in the real world.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Losing self-control.


9. Can it be the Specialist - ISFP

The Specialist is the Saint Bernard

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Specialist can be tempted to isolate themselves from others. After all, the inner life and favourite activities provide so much meaning and joy. But it is important to also experience the joy of friendship and interaction. Text a friend or family member and ask them about their day. Invite someone along on a hike. Show off one of your creations on social media. Creating lasting bonds with people will give the Specialist's life more meaning, even if it takes a while to find the people you can trust.
2. On the flip side, if lifestyle demands that it is required to be around people the majority of the time, make room for the Specialist. As an introvert they need quiet, stillness and time alone to pursue unique interests. They also need space to process feelings. It is easy to suffer burn out.
3. The Specialist probably has a lot of ideas and hopes, but might feel that planning them out is next to impossible. Do not be afraid to enlist the help of a friend when it comes to segmenting and organising goals. This can be a struggle, but not impossible. Sometimes the Director, OT, Developer and Enhancer can be very helpful in this regard.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Easygoing, Gentle Caretaker, Cheerful yet low-key enthusiasm, Flexible, Spontaneous.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You are a blend of contradictions that intrigue and spark fascination. You are empathetic but mysterious, reserved but daring, sensitive yet adventurous. Your inner integrity and resolve inspires us to examine our own lives and be more true to ourselves. Your natural eye for aesthetics makes you effortlessly attractive and your creativity opens our minds to new ways of seeing the world.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Extremely in tune with own ethics, morals and values.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Pursuing your passion.


10. Can it be the Investigator - INFJ?

The Investigator is the Greyhound

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Investigator is an imaginative introvert and it can be easy to hoard alone time. Remember that relationships and friendships matter. If feeling burned out from your work week and someone asks for time to be spent with them, do not "ghost" them. Let people know when alone time is needed, remember that it is okay to say "Not right now". Responding is always better than ignoring.
2. When an idea or symbol comes in, write it down! The Investigator's mind can wander over many meaningful, insightful things, but sometimes they disappear from the memory shortly thereafter! Keep a journal so that you can keep track of your inspirations.
3. Like all intuitive types, it can be easy for physical needs to be forgotten. Do not get so caught up in the future theories and imaginings that drinking water, eating enough food or getting enough sleep are forgotten. Remember to take care of the health.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Sincere, Sympathetic, Unassuming, Submissive, Easygoing, Reserved, Patient.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your intense, perceptive nature is simultaneously scary and enticing. You seem to just 'know' about people without being able to pinpoint why. You open others' imagination to new possibilities and new ways of seeing the world. You empathize with others' hurts and cheer us on in our successes. You make others' world bigger and draw others in close and make them feel understood in a powerful way.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Surprising ability to look ahead and foresee likely future outcomes.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Being too tough on yourself.


11. Can it be the Agent - INFP?

The Agent is the Tibetan Terrier

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Agent can be tempted to create an idealised life in their mind and for it to stay there. Remember to get out into the world and bring own imagination to life in real, tangible ways.
2. Find people who believe in the Agent and make time for regular interaction with people trusted. Through this "meeting of the minds" it will be possible to strengthen productivity and well-being.
2. Do not leave your creative thoughts in own mind alone. Write them down. Draw them. Create something that brings the inner world outward into the real world.
3. Try something new every week. These new experiences furnish the imagination and while they may be hit-or-miss, the positive experiences can bring something meaningful to re-experience again and again.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Artistic, Reflective, Careless, Sensitive, Flexible, Appreciative.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Your rich imagination and mysterious, complex nature are deeply attractive. Others wish that you could invite us into the world inside your mind so they could explore its beauty and ingenuity. You see meaning in everything around you and you challenge us to be our authentic selves. Others cannot get enough of your empathy, vision and sincerity.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Striving to live a life that aligns with their values and ethics.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Indecision.


12. Can it be the Achiever - ISTP?

The Achiever is the Bassett Hound

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Achiever's alone time is so vital to own well-being it can be tempting to overdo it. While getting plenty of isolation is good for an introvert, it is also important to take action for others as well. Take a moment to pause each day and let someone know you care about them through a text, email or in person. Find ways to reach out to people through volunteering at a homeless shelter or in some activity of interest.
2. Boredom can be a problem for anyone, but especially for perceiving types. The Achiever hates being bored or subjected to mundane tasks. It can be easy to switch gears and leave a project unfinished. Before a change of direction take a moment to weigh the pros and cons. What negative implications will occur if the project is left half-done? What positive implications could there be? Typically the Achiever is very analytical in decision making, but sometimes distraction can trip them up.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Critical, Detached, Guarded, Independent, Resourceful.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You have a steely, rebellious nature that is both intriguing and captivating. Nothing about you screams 'look at me!' but everything about you makes us want to know more. You have a devil-may-care attitude, a wry sense of humour and a scrappy ability to make it through any crisis situation. You are blend of intellectuality, street-smarts and laid-back charm which makes you completely irresistible to some.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Good at finding clever solutions to immediate problems and conflict.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Needing time to yourself.


13. Can it be the Practitioner - ISFJ?

The Practitioner is the Alaskan Malamute

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Practitioner needs to trust themselves. When they get a new idea that might disrupt their routine or seem a little "crazy",write it down! Let the idea sink in or run it by a trusted friend before immediately dismissing it as "unrealistic" or too risky.
2. Stand up for themselves! One of the most common traps that the Practitioner falls into is caring too much about the feelings of others and losing themselves in the process. Remember that loving someone sometimes means saying "No" and letting them solve their own problems. They need to remember to love themselves and allocate time for recuperation and solace.
3. Get out and explore new ideas and themes sometimes! A Practitioner enjoys meaningful rituals and a stable life. However, sometimes that can go too far! Try something new every week, whether it is going to a new restaurant or hiking in a new location.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Conservative, Conventional, Guarded, Reserved.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: Underneath your warm, generous demeanour lies an individual with steely resolve and focus. You will defend your loved ones with determination and courage and you hold deeply to your values and principles for life. Your empathy and your grounded outlook on life draws others in and give them a sense of security in this chaotic world. You remind others what is real, what others can trust and what is worth defending.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: A huge capacity for both empathy and practicality.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Being unable to say no.


14. Can it be the Objective Thinker - ISTJ?

The Objective Thinker is the Bernese Mountain Dog

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. If the he OT has not grown up in an environment that nurtured their strengths, they might feel frustrated and critical of themselves and others. Take time to strengthen the sensing side by tuning in to their body, creating healthy routines that provide comfort and organizing their life so that their routines are efficient and actually meeting their goals.
2. If they overdo their preferences then they can become stuck in a routine and be rigid about time, schedules and procedures. New, untested ideas might seem overwhelming and stepping outside of regular habits might be highly stressful. Try to make time each week to think about habits and routines. Is there a new way to do something to make it better? Is there an idea previously dismissed as tangential that actually would be profitable?
3.As an introvert it is vital to have one's own time and space to re-energise. However, do not become so fixated on own space that hurts meaningful relationships. Pick up the phone once a day and send a text to someone you care about. Volunteer for a charity. Let the significant other know the things that are appreciated about them. Use words to affirm the people in your life.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Calm, Stable, Steady, Cautious, Conventional.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: At first glance, you seem serious, wise and maybe a little on the mysterious side. But as others get to know you more deeply others see that you have a dry, offbeat sense of humou and an attentive, devoted nature. You are someone others can count on when times get tough, someone who can be relied upon to be honest and true to your word. Your ability to stay calm and grounded during even the most overwhelming periods of life gives others strength and makes them admire you all the more. Others are drawn to your loyalty and your principled way of approaching life.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Applying patience and focus to every project undertaken.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Not taking enough risks.


15. Can it be the Perfectionist - INTP?

The Perfectionist is the Papillon

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Perfectionist's risk is to become so reclusive that your personal growth and well-being is stunted. Get out into the world in new ways each day while still prioritising the alone time needed. Talk to a trusted friend, go for a bike ride or peruse the shelves of the local library. Take steps to enjoy the world nearby.
2. It can be easy to become detached and wrapped up in the own inner world. Keep engaged by volunteering for a homeless shelter or animal shelter. Do something that is meaningful and allows own strength to be used to help others.
3. Do not forget health. The world of ideas and the joy of mental problem-solving can cause physical needs to be neglected. Take time each day to drink enough water, get enough rest, eat healthy foods and exercise.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Candid, Ingenious, Complicated, Independent, Rebellious.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You have a fearless ability to challenge the assumptions that many other people take for granted. You question things, you are curious and creative. You do not care about small talk or 'keeping up with the Jones’s'. Your independence and intellectual vigor is super intriguing and we want to know more about what makes you tick.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Gifted at looking beyond convention and tradition to find illogical behaviour and inconsistencies.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Not doing enough toward your goals.


16. Can it be the Enhancer - INTJ?

The Enhancer is the Afghan Hound

In Your Hone Zone™ - better yourself:

1. The Enhancer should take time to recognise the benefits of your opposite preferences. It can be easy for everyone to think their way is the one "right" way, but each personality type has its strengths. Take time to appreciate the people who bring sensing, feeling or perceiving tendencies into the frame. Think about the different ways these preferences can help you or others.
2. As an intuitive it can be easy to always look forward instead of enjoying the pleasures of the present moment. Consciously take time each day to tune in to the world and the environment that they are in. What’s something that you can enjoy right now? What’s an experience you could partake in? Many Enhancers reach the end of their lives and realise they spent the majority of it looking ahead and forgetting to appreciate the "now".

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your traits: Discreet, Industrious, Logical, Deliberate, Self-confident, Methodical.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your attractiveness: You exude an intellectual insight and profound knowledge that is deeply intriguing. Others are drawn to your confident and independent nature. At first, you might intimidate; you seem aloof and absorbed in thought. You do not come across as needy and you are certainly not easy-to-read. But if others have the courage to approach you, they might find that you are full of powerful lessons about philosophy, science and life itself. You open our minds to new ideas and perceptions and that is super attractive.

In Your Hone Zone™ - use your strength: Skilled in the art of foreseeing future outcomes and realities.

In Your Hone Zone™ - know your limitation: Not being able to read people (unless you know Oxor).